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The Lao PDR Trade Portal is the single stop point for all information relating to import and export into and from Laos.

The Lao PDR Trade Portal is hosted by the Department of Import and Export of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce on behalf of all the Government agencies involved in the import/export process. It is responsible for Trade Facilitation Secretariat (TFS) focal point.  On this portal traders will be able to get information about all the regulatory requirements they need to fulfill in order to carry out their transactions.

These regulatory requirements may involve a number of government agencies.  This website will assist you with finding out what is required by each agency in relation to your specific business.

The following are the agencies represented on this website.  If you require further information specifically for one of these agencies you can view each agency's own website by following the links below.

The Department of Import/Export of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce is responsible for issuing import and export licenses for all products that require them.  

The Department of Import/Export is also responsible for issuing Certificates of Origin for countries that are part of a preferential trade agreement.

The Foreign Trade Policy Department of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce is responsible for foreign policy, relations and cooperation with industry and commercial affairs.

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The Department of Customs of the Ministry of Finance is the agency tasked with controlling goods imported into Laos and exported from Laos, protecting the borders from importation of illicit or dangerous goods and collecting the lawful revenue through duties.

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The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry is responsible for controlling the import of goods that may pose a risk to public health or to plant and animal life.  When importing or exporting goods that fall within this categories you will be required to obtain the relevant permits and/or Sanitary/Phytosanitary certificates from the following departments:

  • Department of Agriculture

  • Department of Livestock and Fisheries

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The Department of Food and Drugs of the Ministry of Health is responsible for registering new products of the categories listed in the Law on Drugs prior to importation and to issue an import license once an import plan is submitted.

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The Ministry of Science and Technology is the focal point for science and technology research nationwide.  Its mission is to develop and co-ordinate strategies and activities that will further the government’s key directives.  In terms of import and export the Ministry is in charge of issuing the necessary certificates or permits required to import or export products which are subject to certain technical standards.

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The Department of Transport of the Ministry of Public Works and Transport is in charge of administering the provisions on the technical standards for registration and assembly of vehicles that are permitted to be used when importing or exporting goods.

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The National Assembly of the Lao PDR is the legislative branch that has the right to make decisions on the fundamental issues of the country and oversee the activities of the executive organs, the people's courts and the Office of the Public Prosecutor.

Inter alia, the National Assembly is responsible for preparing, adopting or amending the Constitution and to consider, adopt, amend or abrogate the laws. A list of of all the laws of Lao PDR can be viewed on the National Assembly's website.  Click here to go to the page of the National Assembly's website that lists all the laws relating to the economic area and that may be also relevant  to trade.

This webite has been built with the support of the Trade Development Facility.  The Trade Development Facility is a multi-donor trust fund funded by Ausaid (Australia), the European Union and GIZ (Germany), implemented through the Ministry of Industry and Commerce and administered by the World Bank.  Click on the link to read a summary of the actiities and achievements of the Trade Development Facility.