Legal Document

Title: Law on Chemical Management No. 07/NA, dated 10 November 2016
Type: Law
Issuing Agency: Lao National Assembly
Responsible Agency: Ministry of Industry and Commerce
Issuing Date : 10-11-2016

National Assembly issued Law on Chemicals Management No. 07/NA, dated 10th November 2016 to set out principles, rules and measures on the management, monitoring, inspection, and undertaking of chemical activities in the purpose to support and promote quality and standard. It aims to govern the operation and utilization of chemicals in compliance with technical principles, effective, and ensure safety of health, life, property, environment and society, contributing to the protection and development of nation in green and sustainable way.

This law applies to domestic and foreign individuals, legal entities or organizations undertaking chemical activities in Lao PDR.  However, the law does not apply to activities with radioactive substance and atomic energy.

For any individual, legal entity or organization desiring to import and export chemicals shall follow instructions as below:

1.       For Harzardous Chemical Type I (Chemical that is extremely dangerous to health, life, property or environment), the request shall be submitted to Ministry of Industry and Commerce to further request to the government for consideration;

2.       For Harzardous Chemical Type II (Chemical that is highly dangerous to health, life , property or environment) and Dangerous Chemical Type III (moderately dangerous to heath, life, property or environment), the request shall be submitted to Ministry of industry and commerce  for consideration to issue Import/Export License. If the chemical is under supervision of other sector, it shall obtained certification from related sector first.

3.       For Harzardous Chemical Type IV (Chemical that is lowly dangerous to health, life, property or environment) can be imported or exported without license but business operators shall inform Provincial/Capital Department of Industry and Commerce about the import point prior to their import.

The law entered into force on the signatory date of Presidential Decree (12th December 2016) and after published on Lao Official Gazette (6th March 2017) for fifteen days, which is 21st March 2017.